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Time selector Menu on Datetime picker in Desktop version.


Hello Team,

I have a quick concern on Date picker.

Right now on Desktop mode, when user try to select new date, it is only populating the calendar menu not Time selector. Were user has to enter Manually time. It seems inconsistent, But were as in Mobile Mode when user try to select new date it is showing both Calendar along with Time-selector Menu. It will be good if we have both time selector menu in desktop version as well, It will reduce and save lot time by selecting the time with clicks, Also it seems more better then typing the whole time section on DateTime field. Please let me know here if you need any further inputs from my end to replicate the issue, I am very happy add those points here.

Hope you team will be looking into it and provide the feed back on this idea of adding the Time-selector menu on DateTime picker of mendix widget.

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Hey everyone,

We’re running into this same issue with the date picker. Was anyone able to find a solution?


Appreciate it.




Hi rajkumar neralla ,can you mail me on  praneethdudipala@gmail.com,i have small doubt regarding iframe eventhough you know or not can you mail me please


Thank you Tim,

Ya I tried to use those Date Picker, But there are few limitations on those as well. I need a Validation property to handle the UI validation along with Date time selector.




Would love to see this improvement added to the standard Mendix apps. There are several widget available, like the  jQueryUIDateTimePicker and others, see https://mydemoversion8-sandbox.mxapps.io/p/datepickers. Certainly with the adaptation of React, this should be doable.