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Data Grid 2: Add a Filter Widget for Boolean Columns


We just upgraded our Data Grid 2s to v 1.2.0 from the app store and now there are no options to filter a column of type boolean. We used to be able to filter boolean columns using the Data grid drop-down filter, but now there are no longer any options to filter boolean values.

Adding this feature will enable use cases where you want to default to a particular boolean value for a column without always filtering it out. For example, a column that indicates a record was marked as deleted. Most of the time users will only want to see records that were not marked as deleted in the Data Grid 2 but there are times when it would be necessary to see the deleted ones. A Data Grid 2 filter widget for boolean columns would allow this functionality like the drop-down filter widget did before v 1.2.0 when server-side filtering was released. 

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Great news! Thank you, Diego.


Hi Paul,


I would like to inform this feature is now available in version 1.3.0 of the Data grid 2 module. You can update it from or in your Studio Pro.