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Image CDN | Ability to adjust thumbnail size


When an image is uploaded, the image viewer widget allows me to show a thumbnail or the full image. There are a few other options such as setting the width and height, but i'm doing that with a CSS class on the container so it's not necessary to do it in the widget. However, I notice when i use a thumbnail, there is a thumb=true param added to the image location, and it returns a 75x75 pixel image, which is great when viewed at that size or below. but if i try to use this image at a 250x250 size, it's clearly very pixelated, considering it was not created to be that large. So then i will toggle the 'full image' option, but then i see the full 12MB image, which is 5000x5000, and that is not a great option for page performance.
So the idea is for an ability to set the size of the thumbnail that i want to receive, inside the image viewer widget. This would act as a CDN of sorts, giving me the right size image scaled to the size i want displayed. To be clear, this has nothing to do with wanting it to show up on the page a certain size, but more so that i need the size returned to be commensurate with the size I am defining in the CSS, as an image designed to be shown at 75x75 looks terrible at 250x250.

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