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Data Grid 2 Issues/Enhancements


Data Grid 2 Issues that significantly impacts user experience:
1) No support for server-side pagination
2) By default column text is auto wrapped. This causes row height to be dynamic causing significant changes to layout. Refer below screenshot

3) Not possible to auto sort table row values based on a column.
4) Adding a custom widget (ex: Text Box) to column doesn't honor the column width setting. Refer screenshot above
5) Not possible to enable tooltips on column values
6) No available functionality to export table data to excel/csv

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Filter can be translated with CSS


“listen to” also not working on gallery.

also no multiselect.


As a user, I’d like to be able to translate filter captions (like Contains, Starts with, etc.) to other languages.



Although it is looking great and looks better compared to the current datagrid, it is not possible to:

  1. select multiple rows
  2. sort on multiple columns
  3. hide the filters
  4. use two filters in one column, only the one in which the last value change took place, is taken into consideration.
  5. fill a column with a list of values, retrieved from a reference set, like you can in datagrid.

“3) Not possible to auto sort table row values based on a column.”

I believe default sorting is available but it is set from data source on attribute and not from columns.

Couple I would like to add


  1. There is no reference based drop down filter like we have on basic data grid.
  2. Not possible to setup for multiselect and toolbar type of operation