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Custom Predefined Validations on Widgets


Properties Common in the Page Editor - Studio Pro 9 Guide | Mendix Documentation

Currently there is a small subset of Predefined Validations for Input Widgets, and we do a lot with Expressions.

We should have a choice to Capture those Expressions somehow:

  1. Context Independent (like Email, String length) etc appear directly in the List of Possible Validations (mostly on some Pluggable Components)
  2. Context Dependent – via a Nanoflow, by Passing all Context Objects available for Expression and returning a Boolean

Bonus: If Studio Pro Realizes that a Specific Nanoflow could be used  as a Predefined Validation it should Offer it in the List of Context Independent  Validations.


This could make a Big Step from Low Code to No Code in UI Design as most of the Expressions are in the Domain of Low Code still as of Now

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