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Make Tab Switcher widget great again!


As of Mendix 9.6 Mendix has upgraded the Tab Container widget from Dojo to React. Because of this my very much used Tab Switcher widget won't work anymore. The new Tab Container code based on React isn't publicly available, so I can't recreate the Tab Switcher widget to work as of Mendix 9.6 and higher. 

My suggestion: Mendix adds the Tab Switcher functionality to the default Mendix Tab Container. I already added a feature request via support. Upvote to generate more attention on this.


Also see a descriptive forum thread on the widget breaking as of Mendix 9.6.x:

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I’ve tried to address this by making my own widget to be used instead of a tab container instead of adding on top of it. 

  • Can use a parameter to control which tab is shown
  • Content that is not from the current tab is NOT rendered (performance optimization)
  • The list of tabs can either be static or dynamically controlled by a data source
  • Configure the position of the tabs relative to the tab's content (top, right, bottom, left)
  • The sorting of the tabs can be dynamically controlled
  • Each tab can have a badge with brand styling
  • The caption for each tab can either be Text, HTML, or configured in the mendix ui

There is also another one that worked for me on Mx 9.12.8


Hi, I might be late but I have developed a widget which will select the tab page dynamically based on an attribute, I have tested this widget on Mendix 8.x and 9.x (9.15) and it works. You can download that widget from market place


+1 for the lazy loading! :)


can we add “lazy loading” for the closed tabs while we're at it :D


+1 On Mendix adding this functionality.  It’s so obviously needed to improve user experience.