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Tree Node widget expansion control


I would like to propose that two features be added to the tree node widget

  1. When using a singular tree node widget, allow an option when the widget expansion can be controlled from a nano or microflow.
    Right now, when one closes a pop up page that is triggered from within a tree node widget, one returns to the originating page with the tree node widget on it. When that is set to open in non-expanded state, tree closes. If you went to the popup page from somewhere deep in the tree, you need to navigate back into the tree again, as well as of course first expand it.
    1. Can Mendix add a feature where the navigation position in the tree is remembered
    2. Can Mendix add a feature where one can tell the tree node widget to remain expanded when the page one was on is closed (pop up or full)
  2. When one uses nested tree nodes, the entire set of nested tree nodes is closed when one returns from a pop up page or full page to the page with the tree node widgets on it. One then loses where one was in the navigation prior to going to the other page and has to open the entire nested tree structure again.
    1. Same two questions as above for a single tree node, but now for nested tree nodes.
      Maybe some kind of structure can be accessed like in the expressions for visibility where one can taverse the nested tree nodes and then set the expansion and navigation position for the individual nested tree nodes?
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