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Hide Menu Items of the Pop Up Menu Widget when On Click is Microflow


Currently the pop up menu widget allows for all application user roles to view the caption of a menu item when the on click action is a microflow regardless of if the user role is allowed to actually trigger the microflow.


For example you have three user roles Admin / User / View Only that have access to a landing page with a pop up menu on the page.  The pop up menu has a caption a menu item, “Show New Page” that calls an ACT_OpenNewPage microflow that allows the Admin and User to perform some logic and open a page. 


Since the view only user has access to the landing page and the Pop Up Menu widget does not restrict any visibility, the Show New Page menu item is displayed but cannot be clicked on, which is confusing to the user.


In the same example if the ACT_OpenNewPage is called behind a button, only the Admin and User would see the button on the landing page, which is the desired user experience.  


Conditional visibility can be set on the pop up menu by user role, but that can quickly become a challenge for developers to manage in apps that have several user roles.  



My suggested solution would be for menu items to follow the same pattern as buttons when the on click action is set to call a microflow and only user that have permission to that microflow can view the menu item. 


Alternatively, allow for a maker to select visibility condition of menu items not only by expression but by user role too.  

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This is a good suggestion.

The less conditional show used with user roles the better, at least from an understanding and testing perspective in big projects. They are always forgotten somewhere since it works so well with normal buttons