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Conditional visibility for columns in datagrid 2


Currently, it is not possible to conditionally show columns in datagrid 2. This would be a very nice feature. It is of course possible to hide content in a column, but the column itself and the header is, in that case, still visible. This is not ideal.

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Must have for dynamic tables without having to duplicate tables or logic when certain conditions apply!


This one is really needed. It would greatly help with implementing this grid in a generic manner, instead of creating duplicates for minor differences (and all the endless clicking to configure it).


I asked for this 6 months before yourself.


I then brought it up with Mendix again 3 months ago on a service call and was told it would be added to the “roadmap” but needed more traction to get added in.


Great idea!
If it is implemented, we will no longer need to have multiple DataGrid2s with different columns redundantly on the page. It will greatly help maintainability.