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Data Grid 2 Export to Excel or CSV


Currently the DG2 does not have the ability to export data in an excel or csv format. Just like Data Grid, it would be a nice to have feature to have an export button (excel/csv) in DG 2 as well.

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Great news! Mendix has imported this, we love it :)

However, we need CSV for our projects... Please vote on our idea, if you agree:


I asked for this over a year ago


From speaking to Mendix it is on their planned roadmap but still not in


I agree, DG2 needs an Export to Excel functionality. Putting in a custom button does work but has many limitations:

  1. Adding Custom Export to Excel button on DG2 makes the Export extremely slow (Example: Exporting a list of 15000 objects takes 5 seconds in Datagrid’s default Excel Export button, on a custom built Export to Excel it takes at least 2 minutes)
  2. It is easy to export a filtered list based on a number of   search criteria in Datagrid. In DG2 we may need to use a helper object to add custom search filters to get the filtered list of objects to Export. Not only is this a lot of unnecessary development and waste of time, it makes the Export even slower. Most of our clients are extremely unhappy with this and we needed to revert to Datagrid.

I kindly request Mendix to prioritize this functionality.