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.docx & .pdf viewer widget


We have a lot of Mendix apps that deal with files. To improve the value of our apps we are looking for a good file viewer that can be used as a widget within a page and provides control over the width and height. And if possible a markup feature to mark/highlight parts of the document.

In my OpenText Documentum days I worked a lot with AutoVue and JVue, only they had a large footprint and supported many file formats.

Wouldn’t it be great to have a Mendix supported widget for such a viewer?

Much appreciated,

Thanks in advance!

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PDF Viewer should be easy enough to add as a supported widget, however you're going to struggle with docx.


We currently have a system that generates docx contracts and to show them back to the user, we convert to pdf and show that instead. 


There's no "widely open source" library to show docx so doubt anyone will implement it.



I believe there are some marketplace widgets that handle this, and I know of some partners that have their own versions of this.

But I agree, having a standardized widget to view pdf, rotate, zoom an image, view a word doc.


what we are currently using: