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Data grid 2 column tab-index


In the styling of the data grid 2, the columns themselves automatically get 'tab-index = 0' added to the html element with class td. Now it is not possible to change this. In our case we are using custom content columns next to each other with textboxes in them. When tabbing through the fields it first tabs from text input to column and then takes another tab to go to the next textbox. We want it to go from text input to text input.Tabindex when inspecting element.png


This would be solved by giving the column a property field for tab-index like in other elements.

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We upgraded to Mendix 10. There the default is tabindex = -1 for columns, so that fixed it. (or maybe the change was not in the update to Mx10 but in the latest data widgets version, not sure)


Another (not so pretty) option is adding on leave nanoflows on the input fields in the data grid columns and adding an extra 'Focus next' nanoflow action to it.


I have same issue, why is it not possible to add tabindex of the column of the datagrid2. Did you solve it somehow?