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Make ListAttributeValue editable


Based on comments I got on my post regarding ListAttributeValues in the Pluggable Widget API, I need to add this as an idea on the Idea Forum to even make it on the "roadmap" at Mendix.


Long story short: In the Mendix Documentation it is stated that: "Due to a technical limitation it is not yet possible to edit attributes obtained via ListAttributeValueEditableValues returned by ListAttributeValue are always readonly." (see Documentation here)


We need this functionality (which is perfectly feasible in the old Mendix Client API) to make better widgets. Say I have a Google Maps widget and want to change the position of a marker. Right now I can't do that, because of the above limitation. Or well I could, but it involves stinky workarounds that makes it even more confusing for the average Mendix developer.

This limitation has been there for +3 years already, with no mention of it changing anytime soon.



I'd appreciate if you would upvote this idea into oblivion, so we can have these capabilities in about 7 years (given the current speed of implemented changes).



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You got my vote obviously! I have been using workarounds for a bit too long now.