Cannot get Calendar widget to work

Hi all – I am trying to get the Calendar widget set up with very little success.  I’ve installed the widget and placed it within the dataview:   I have the following settings within the calendar:     My event entity is structured as so in the domain model:   I have created three separate “Event” entities and can see them in my database, however I am getting this error when trying to link my home page to the calendar page:   I’ve searched through the widget documentation as well as searched through forums and google, but I cannot find a solution to my problem (at least one that I can understand).   Can anyone help me solve this? Thank you!!!
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Hi Bryce,

The page you have created has a dataview which will display a single event object,  So when you open that page, you need to pass in a single event object.  If you want to display all events, just place the calendar widget on your page, not inside of a dataview.  It will then display all of the events in your database.

Hope that helps,



an example:

First, create an NPE to be the context object – see below:

Create a page that has a dataview pointing to TempNPE and the calendar widget inside of it

Here is the Calendar widget configuration

Note that this configuration will show all events in the database since there is no constraint

Finally, create a nanoflow that opens this page

This nanoflow can be called from another page or your navigation to open the calendar view page.



Update – 

I got the error to go away by placing it in a List View instead of a Data View.    This, however, results in the app creating a new calendar for each event instead of showing all events on one calendar.   This is, I’m guessing, the nature of the “List View” (captain obvious).  I can’t, however, find any success with other data object types

Does anyone have a fix for this?


In the Github repository: there is a complete demo project. Download that one to see an example on how this works.