How to Pass a List of objects to a PDF export. And show each object on a new page. (Effectively a Vertical template grid)

Hi, I’m trying to pass a list of objects to a PDF export, and I would like to show each object on its own page. The reason for doing this, is I am exporting warehouse information onto a PDF that is the going to be printed out, So we need the different data sets on different pages. I can’t see at present a way to do this properly, you have the ability to use a template grid in the Document templates, but they’re horizontal not verticle. And it doesn’t allow you to add page breaks into the template.    Anyone know if theres a way to do this?   Any help would be appreciated   Cheers!
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A few things:

  • Template grids will also expand vertically (set the grid to have 1 column and each object will appear in its own row)
  • You could try to create a page break using CSS in the Template Grid (check out this posting for some ideas:
  • Another approach I have used is the MergeMultiplePDFs Java action in CommunityCommons.  You could create a document for each of the warehouses and then combine them into one file using this Java action.

Hope that gives you a way to resolve this issue.



Just for people who are looking for a new answer on this old question

  1. Add an attribute containing XHTML
  2. Give it a (default) value <block page-break-before="always"></block>
  3. Add a dynamic label in the template grid with this attribute and render as xhtml = true.