Steps To Modify App Store Widget

hi – are these the appropriate steps to modify an app store widget? I’m having issues with the final step in that the .mpk does not seem to be re-establishing itself, i.e., still behaves like a .zip? what i did was ( 1) extracted the zip file, ( 2) made my change in the .js file, ( 3) saved the .js file in Notepad, then (4) changed the root folder extension back to .mpk The icon is still showing a folder - not the normal Mendix icon. Are the steps I did oK? I did not compile in case the project would get corrupted from this change. I saved off the widget before I made any changes. THanks
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If you are planning on making changes to an app store widget you should really rename it otherwise if someone updates the widget, they could get a newer version from the app store and not your local changes.

You need to rename the files and contents of the files to match the new name. It’s not enough to just change the .js file. Once all changed, you’ll need to zip it all back up again and rename the .zip extension back to .mpk. Drop this into your application’s widgets directory, then select Project->Synchronise Project Directory in the application, and the widget should appear. If you make changes, make sure you right click over an instance of the widget in the modeller and select “Update all widgets” to ensure your changes are picked up.

Hope this helps!