Module NativeMobileActions - Image NanoflowCommons.Icons.Hide_Progress no longer exists

I am on my first app from Academy/Learning Paths/Crash Course – when doing “Run Locally”, I received an error message: Image "NanoflowCommons.Icons.Hide_Progress" no longer exists The module NativeMobileActions is current, i.e., I just downloaded and installed it due to prior error message. Thank you for the help. Stanley T.
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Hello, I received the solution from Adam Fothergill of Mendix (Boston office) as follows and it worked:

“If you double-click on the error, that should bring you to the place where that image is being used.  From there you can either remove the image or replace it”

The action I took: I selected the page, and deleted it. Then I did ‘Run Locally’. It worked. 

Thank you Adam.