Google Authenticator Widget Always Invalid

Hi all, I'm having issues with the Google Authenticator Widget. I thought I set up everything correctly, but the code from the app is never valid.  What I can do: Create a secret key, associated with a user Generate a QR code from this secret key Scan the QR and add it to the Google Authenticator app Manually enter the key in the Authenticator app   When users log in (excep MxAdmin), I redirect them to a page with a helper object, where they can fill in the code. The code is then checked with the ‘Check Validation Code’ java snippet. But the snippet ALWAYS returns false. I'm testing it locally, so I don't think it has something to do with the locale (time zone) .   I added some sceenshot below. I Really hope someone can help a fella out!  
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Are you using this module from the appstore: ?

Because then as stated in the documentation you need an object that has the ga_Secretkey string and the code string in the same object. From your example those two strings are now part of two different entities. I have it like this: