Last login time or session details

Hi All, Is there a way to get user’s last login time? . Not the login time in the current session but previous session. I am sure we can use a new entity to preserve this but wondering if something readily available Thanks,
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Hi Ranjit,

Yes, last login date and time is saved in User entity > LastLogin attribute (you can access this from Account entity as well).  


Hope this helps!


No you need to create that attribute.


I needed that too in one of my project, I had to download the module :  signinmicroflow.

in the microflow of that module, you can when a user is connecting store the LastLogin in antoher attribute (last_logged_previous for example).

In my case, i had to create two attribute, last_logged, and last_logged_previous, I don’t remember why, but it was probably because the last _login attribute was in the user entity, not in the account.