DeepLink and Set URL widget

I have two deep links /link/travel/ and /link/vacation/ – both of the open separate home pages and deep link micro flows are marked as “Use As Home” in the configuration. I setup the “set URL” widget “link/travel/” and “link/vacation/” on both of the pages that are opened by the corresponding deep link microflows. The set URL some how works only on “link/travel/” converting it into /p/link/travel/ and surviving through browser refreshes really well. However even if it is configured exactly the same way “/link/vacation/” does not survive the browser refresh despite setting the set URL widget.    
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I think the page for link/travel/ has a page url property set (and is not set by the widget).

Take a look at the docs (page url property) and you will probably find that you can do without the set url widget in your case,