FAQ building block

For one of our apps we are looking for a FAQ (content management) building block, that users can manage themselves. Has anyone already invented this?
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Hi Erik! 

What do you mean exactly? To create a FAQ, you can create an entity called FaqQuestion, with two attributes, a question and an answer. You can create a page where you show these objects in a listview or template grid and an admin page where you can add / edit / delete questions. 

To show the questions you could use a group box, or a card or something like that. 

Or did I totally misunderstood your question?


Hi Ward, basically this is what we are looking for and this looks easy enough. Probably the user wants to add links to other issues or wiki functionality or pictures etc. So my hope is that there is a "rich" FAQ module somewhere. But for the MVP we can use your suggestion, thanks.