Two scroll bar in a page

Hi guys, I am a beginner, I am using a tab container, in that tab I am using a layout grid (6,6) with two list view, All I need is a vertical scroll bar seperately for both list view, As I am using tab container , I cant create that in layout itself, What is way to achieve it? Thanks in advance!
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If you are aiming for something like this, you could use a container around whatever you are going to make scrollable. add a class (scrollcontainer in this example) to it and use the following css to apply a basic style to it. Check out Calypso if you need to know how to apply css first. ( )

If you want to do it ‘quick and dirty’ you can also add what is within the { } of the following css to the ‘Style’ field of the properties.

.scrollcontainer {
    height: 250px;
    overflow-y: scroll;



Container properties: