Search data from multiple data grids on the same page

Hi ,  I have multiple data grids with microflow as data source. I am trying to have a single search for all grids. I have used multi field search of the grid-search widget but it works only for the grids having database or xpath as data source.  The same scenario is explained in this Question.  Any suggestion would be appreciated to resolve this issue. Thanks in advance.    
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You may have to go outside of the data grids themselves to achieve this. Instead you could create a non-persistent entity to hold your search query & display on the page with a search bar (theres one in the app store that you can tie microflow to search action). Then when user initiate search you retrieve all the objects that meet the search criteria via microflow and display them in a grid. I’ve done this before by associating the search results to my search entity and put the resulting data grid source as an xpath/association that reflects that. Hope that helps.