Is it possible to select or create an associated object from a reference selector?

A project and subproject need to be associated. When creating the subproject in a form, the project is linked to the subproject via a reference selector. Is it possible to have a single widget which allows to either link the subproject to an existing project object (e.g. reference selector), or to create a new project object in the single widget and then link the subproject to the newly created project object?   So as an example of what functionality is required - one can select existing object (e.g. 12) in the reference selector from associated object, or create a newly associated object (e.g. Geen) in the same widget:
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Hm, highly unconventional, but apparently you have a use case for it.

Short answer: No. The standard reference selector does not have that option.

Longer answer: Yes, but you will have to make that widget yourself. You might get a kickstart using, which already does a lot of work that you will have to do, it searches and shows the present selectable projects. It is an input reference (multiple items) instead of a reference (one item) so you will have to change that. And you will have to add a button ‘Create’ that will appear if your user has typed a string for which there is no match.


May be the direct option is still not available.

But, in the reference selector, you also have a Page option. This target page can possibly have a datagrid which can have a select button (to select existing item), create button (to create new item). Can this option be helpful for you?