How to use the Step Wizard in combination with the TabContainer?

Context: I need to build a page where someone can update fields about a request and can upload files. Idea is to have a 3 step wizard (1: Update request details, 2: Update Request files, 3: Select a contract type). Questions: How to configure this using the Step Wizard, in such away that the user can click on one of the 3 steps? Clicking on a step should show the required details. My idea was to use a tabcontainer and set the visible tab to the selected Step Wizard step.   I did have a look at: but no answer for that question, the video‚Äôs give some hint but for older MX version.
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I would use the wizard templates. These allow you to create a page per step and navigation including validation and other magic between each step. Tab containers are not designed  for this. [Wizard]

The YouTube videos Lauren refers to are outdated, about 3,5 yrs old, which is with the continuous improvement of the Mendix platform ancient history.

This module of the advanced page building learning path will help you to get started:

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