How to populate File manager widget when a file was already uploaded?

Using the Step Wizard page lay-out I built a multi step wizard where in step 1 details are entered in attributes, in step 2 file manager widget is used to provide a possibility to upload 2 different files (scoring document and a manuscript document) and in step 3 confirmation to submit is asked. Using Microflows buttons were added to allow to go to the next or previous step on each of the step wizard pages. Question now is: How can I have the file manager widget show the filename that was uploaded? It currently only shows the filename when you just uploaded it and before pushing next or previous. The idea is that the filename that was uploaded is shown, ideally the user should be able to upload another file to replace the previously uploaded file. Thanks in advance.
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Once the file object is associated with the start object and stored the name of the file should be available from the name attribute. Could it be the case that you are creating new file objects every time the user navigates to step 2 of the process?