Display a ListView depends of the user choice

Hello, I would like to display a ListView which depends of the user choice. What is my best option?
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You can use a many to many associations between User and List view entity, when the user selects an object it creates an association between the user and list view object. Then wrap the page with the list view in a date view filled by microflow. This microflow would retrieve the first user account with xpath as [id = $currentUser]. 
Then fill the list view by association and get the list view objects associated with the account retrieved.


if you prefer not to use many to many associations, you can do this;

An entity between the list view entity and your user entity. 

This middle entity would have two columns, one with a unique identifier for the user and the other column with the unique identifier for the list view object. The middle entity would sit like this in the domain model. 

User 1 – * Middle * – 1 List view entity

When the user selects an object from the list view entity it will create an object in the middle entity which has their unique identifier (username or email maybe?) and a unique identifier for the list view object (you could use an autonumber maybe)

Then when the user accesses the list view it is filled by microflow, the microflow would retrieve all the middle entity objects with the same unique identifier as the user, and then iterate over the list it had found. In the iteration loop it would retrieve the list vie entity associated with the middle entity and add it to a list, it would then return this list to the list view.