Is there any Limitation for HTML Snippet ?

Hi All, I have a File content around 57k lines some thousands of character’s and trying to display Using HTML Snippet widget. While i am trying to paste its pasting few lines of code even its not allowing to write anything after pasting. My question is do we have any limitation for no.of lines or character’s count in HTML Snippet widget?   If anyone can answer more appreciated. Thanks.
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Hi Sathya,

In HtmlSnippet widget, if you try to copy huge no.of lines of code, it will take longer time to paste. Even after pasting the html code, once you click on Save button, it will respond late. So in this case the best way to achieve this is by passing the file path in ExternalFile. At first you should paste your html file in the theme folder of your project directory.



Then pass the the file name in ExternalFile label of Html snippet.Refer below:

Hope it will be helpful!