Excel export from multiple data grid with search filter

Hi, I’m trying to export the data from multiple data grids as excel document. I have configured the excel document template using the XLS Reports and mapped the entity accordingly.  I can export the data as excel without search filter. The grids are present in a same page All grids have same entity as data source Data grids data were differentiated by xpath Having the multi-field search filter on top of the page to filter data from all of these data grids In this scenario I want to export all the data retrieved and displayed in data grid to excel. Thanks in advance. Appreciate your help!  
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Why do it the hard way? If it is a datagrid with Data source XPath you can right click add button and select Export to Excell. When the users uses search to filter the records only the filtered items will be exported.

Or ami I missing something here on why you do it the hard way?