Cannot upload SVG via ImageUploader in Mx8

Hi Community,  I have an entity Flag (specialization of System.Image) where I store my SVGs. On first startup of the app, i create my images via a JavaAction ( → Go to Folder App/ressources/svg → create for every svg one flag object and set the svg as content). This works perfectly fine.  However if I want to create a flag manually, the image-uploader widget is telling me that svg is not an image and aborts.  Even worse with the FileUploader, which is throwing the same error on the console. (The file 'gb.svg' is not an image. Error: The file 'gb.svg' is not an image.) Did anyone else face this issue and has a solution? Thanks,  Alex 
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File a ticket with support for this issue, nice find


Hi Alexaner

It looks like this feature is added in 8.12 See release notes

You can now use the image uploader widget to upload SVGs as well. (Ticket 101818)

Cheers, Andries