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Hi All, I was wondering if anyone has any experience with the Native mobile signature widget. I’m using ver 8.9 which is recommends on the app store page. However it won’t load onto the page when testing locally using the  ‘make it native’ mobile app from the app store. My form loads in just fine and any changes I make show on a refresh but the Native mobile signature widget is invisible. The widget is dropped inside a dataview of type ‘signature’ which has an unlimited string attribute called ‘sig’. No matter what I try it never shows on my screen.
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Hi Phil,

After some messing around with it I found the problem:

Apparently the container around the dataview conflicts with the signature widget somehow, if you place the dataview outside the container the widget will show.

I will add this to known issues of the signature, sorry for the inconvenience!



Hi Nathan,

Here is some screen shots

the form with the widget


screenshot of the mobile app in the native mobile app