Reference Selector loses value after creation of new row

Hi all, I have a question regarding the reference selector. In my case, I have a Resource that gets assigned multiple roles. Per role/resource combination I want to store some information, so there is a RoleResource entity besides the Role and Resource entities. In my page, I enter a new Resource. After that – in the same page-  I want to add a RoleResource for this resource. This works fine. But when I add another RoleResource the reference selector of the first RoleResource loses its value so it's empty. This only happens in the reference seletor, not in a regular text input field.   The page in Studio Pro:   The page in the app:   The Microflow that is triggered on the ‘Add role’ button (I did turn off the refresh in both of the actions but that didn't work):   The entities:
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Problem solved! It was my Datasource microflow. It only allowed me to pick a role that wasn't selected yet, so when I selected a role in unselected itself.