Adding a list of dynamic markers in the maps widget in a native app

Hi fellow Mendix developers, For a project I'm working on I am exploring the possibilities of a native app and how we might be able to upgrade from a hybrid app. In the hybrid app we are using the leafletselector map widget with all the assets in the field. These assets can be created from the web app. When I tried to make a similar page in native I found out that leafletselector will not work as it is not a pluggable widget and that the maps widget doesnt support any way of adding a list of assets to the map, but only a static amount of markers.  Is there any other way of adding a set of markers to the maps widget, or is there some way of showing a map with all the markers on native? I would love to hear it! Thank you very much.
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Hi Tim,

At the time this widget was developed, the pluggable widget API was not feature complete. And the maps widget only support static markers, on one single marker from context. 

The API is continues in development and Mendix might add support for attributes data sources soon. However if the API is available does not mean it will update for the Native maps widget directly after, Keep track of the updates. Or create variant of the widget yourself. Have a look at source code web version of the maps widget where you might discover how the future API might look like.

Cheers, Andries