Hard code X/Y axis limits for charts

I have a bar chart that shows a list of projects. The projects are entered by a users with a number from 0-100 representing percentage of completion. I set the X axis attribute to this numeric % field. But the problem is, the scope of the graph goes only up to the highest number. So if I the largest number for a project is 80, the graph goes up to 80, when I’d prefer it go up to 100. Is there any way to do this?
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Assuming you use the plotly charts in the advanced tab in Mendix you can set the mode to advanced.

There you can add the following code:

  "yaxis": {
    "fixedrange": false,
    "range": [


This will set the y axis fixed from 0 to 100 for example. See also this cheat sheet: https://images.plot.ly/plotly-documentation/images/plotly_js_cheat_sheet.pdf

or this one: https://docs.mendix.com/refguide/charts-advanced-cheat-sheet#1-introduction