Limit X axis records in chart

I have a column chart that simply shows a # (lets call it X) for each quarter. So X1 for Q1 2018, X2 for Q2 2018 and so on. I want to limit the graph to only show the last 8 quarters. Is there an easy way to do this without microflows, perhaps in the xpath? The regular xpath operator “last()” doesn’t seem to work in mendix.    The reason I can’t use a microflow is because the quarter field is actually an ASSOCIATION. And with charts in Mendix, if you’re using a microflow you can’t use an associated field as the attribute for the X or Y axes.
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Hi Brian, 

You can't do this in xpath. I think the best option would be to create a non persistent object containing all the values you need in the plot. Build the list of objects in a microflow and return the last 8 objects containing the values you need in your widget.