Slider Widget and associated entities

Hi all, maybe this is not possible, but I am trying to use the “Slider” Widget on my page, and need to set the allowed lower and upper values based on an associated object. Unfortunately it seems, that the “Select Attribute” only allows to choose attributes from the direct object it’s associated with. What I would like to achieve is, that someone chooses an associated “template definition” that has all the information on how to set the sliders while then choosing the actual value for my “local entity”. Example: Here’s my simple demo domain model for this issue: So, my entity demo is associated with other entities in any possible way (well you could play with owners but that shouldn’t make a difference)  My page has a data view of “demo”: In the slider I cannot choose anything else but the localInteger for any of the values: If I add a data view for an associated entity, then I can only choose the attributes from the associated entity. I can also not set the attributes through Microflow. I did find a workaround by putting an on-change event on my reference selector that copies the information from the associated entity into my local entity. But that’s a mess in the domain model and I have to store a lot more data than I would like to store. Maybe I am just too stupid to figure it out – but does anyone have any idea how to elegantly set these values dynamically without having to store the minimum/maximum and default values together with my actual data? Thanks for your help!
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ofcourse it depends on your UI constraints but you can achieve by using listview for each associated object in the same page. You need to make the listview editable and use save button for each associated object.  See image below for resulting UI