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Hi Team ,  I have an application where we are calling REST services in order to bring data from some Server . I need a waiting or in progress bar something , that can be shown on the screen while the service is bringing the  data. Is their any widget or something that i can use ?
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If you call the microflow in which you call the REST service from a button, in the button properties you can change the settings for the microflow:

There you can set the microflow to blocking, which will show a progress bar. You can even add some text if you like:


Hope this answers your question!


Hi Shivam,

When you call your microflow, just add these settings as shown below , you will get progress bar with the message

“ Retrieving Data”


Are you calling the REST service from a microflow button or from a scheduled event

If from a button, then you could set a progress bar in the microflow-button-settings