AnyChart: Getting entity data into JSON

I’ve come to a brick wall with the out of the box charts that come wit Mendix and I think I need to try Any Chart. However Any Chart requires JSON data so am I correct in assuming that I simply can’t point AnyChart’s data sources directly to an entity I created in my module?   If not, what is the most efficient way to transform my entity data into JSON? Woust it be to expose a REST service that queries the entity, have it return JSON? Is there a way to do this with a Microflow?
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Hi Brian,

  I think your best bet is to use JSON Structures in combination with Export Mappings. This will allow you to take your Mendix objects, pass it through a defined JSON Structure using the Export Mappings, then have your data in a nice JSON string that you can pass to AnyChart as a data feed.

  You don’t need to set up a REST service, but JSON structures and Export Mappings are two of the key tools Mendix uses in that process.