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Hi everyone, I’ve a question about video file viewers. Mendix has the File Document Viewer, which works nicely for a lot of video formats. Unfortunately, it is not working for .mov files, apparently the format commonly used on Apple phones. Is it possible to view .mov files in a widget that can be used in a Mendix V7 or V8 application or is that just not possible? And, if it is possible, does anybody know if a widget like that exists? -- Edit – The use case here is that people upload movies from their phones and that I would like to show them the video back in this widget. For .mp4 and some other formats, this works perfectly with the File Document Viewer, .mov unfortunately not. Thanks! Toon
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Hi Toon,

Mendix FileDocuments are served trough the Mendix server do have a limition, they dont support HTTP range request. This is required for Safari to play content.

 Beside the web server limitation media should not be served directly, as it is hard to handle different resolutions and qualities. I highly recommend to use an external Media service.

A widget that can be used is

Cheers, Andries 


I think I found a partial solution: uploading a .mov file on another device than Apple, I was able to view it changing the extension from .mov to .mp4. Nice, but not sufficient, as most users uploading .mov files will be doing that from an Apple device ...