How to Upload images and save it into database

Hello Experts, I am working on one assignment. I have to upload 2 images in form and save it into database. I have joined System.Image to my Candidate Entity. Generated overview pages of Candidate entity and Taken one data view widget in Candidate data view and assigned data source as assosiation over image entity. What will be the next step to access and save image. At this point i am not browse any images. Please give me solution for this.  Below are the statements of assignment. App One:  1. SIM Card(s) with 4G - 1 SIM, 2 SIM - Upload screenshot from speedtest 2. Broadband - Yes / No - Upload screenshot from speedtest 3. Laptop - Yes / No 4. Desktop- Yes / No 5. Web Cam - Yes / No 6. Headphones with Good Mic - Yes / No 7. Power Backup / Battery Inverter - Yes / No 8. Send picture of your home office setup 9. Current location - Pune Or Hometown Thanks and Regards, Nayana
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Ni Nayana,

For security reasons, one may never upload directly an object in the “System.Image” table. You should create a new entity in your own domain model, and make that a specialization of System.Image, see screenshot below. Now associate the Candidate entity with that new entity, instead of the System.Image entity. Now you should be able to controll who can access and edit images by setting the Access Rules.

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