Publish-Subscribe widgets

I need to implement a publish-subscribe capability between widgets, whereas one widget is a source and many other widgets are sinks. Dataviews can listen to widgets, that however need to be Listviews. Is it possible to have a widget, that is not a listview proper (for example a container with a search field and a search button) to appear to other widgets as a listview, so the other widgets can listen to it? The picture below illustrates one possible use-case: 1) user can launch a search using a search widget, 2) a first dataview shows the list of items matching the search, 3) a second dataview shows statistics about the items matching the search criteria:    
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It may be good to have a look at how the grid search appstore component was made

Or listview controls:

To me it looks like they are roughly using the techniques you are looking for.