Textbox and label on different lines

In a dataview when I put a textbox and give it a datasource of a field that the dataview is based on, and I select YES for show label, I can’t seem to get the label to show on the same left next to the textbox. See image below. The field will always show up on a line BELOW the “%”. I made the form orientation horizontal and vertical and it’s the same. As you can see there is plenty of room for both to exist next to each other. Examining the rendered CSS in a browser I can see that this shows up as a label and a div next to each other inside parent div. If I change the css to “display:inline”, it only gets applied to the parent, not the div that wraps around the textbox. Please, someone tell me there is an easy way to do this without having to go into the style sheet itself, and modify the class assigned to the actual div wrapped around the textbox. My plan-B workaround, if I have to, is to add a column to the left, put the label in there, and get rid of any cell padding/spacing to make it look like it’s a label. I’m hoping I don’t have to resort to that.  
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