Date format bootstrap datepicker

Is there a way to change the format in the bootstrap datepicker to “yyyy/MM/dd”? → The datepicker should display this format Or is their a widget that has the same functionality as the bootstrap datepicker but also has a date formatting option?  
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Hi Jannes,

I had the same question and i use this new widget ( This widget has the functionality you require.

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Bryan de Wit


Hi Jannes Houben

1. download 7zip extractor and go to widgets folder right click bootstrap datepicker.mpk file using 7zip extractor. click the open archive option.

2. you can able to see bootstrap-datepicker.js file 

      file path(BootstrapDatepicker->lib->bootstrap-datepicker.js)

3. u will able to see the date format- like this (format: 'dd M yyyy',) in the bootstrap-datepicker.js file.

4. u can customize accordingly and it is done.

or try this customized widget

Thank you.