BootstrapDatepicker widget causing issue

I am using the widget BootstrapDatepicker from the app store. Widget works fine, as intended. But once the section of page that contains the date picker is loaded on the page, if I don’t fill any data and click any other button on the page to refresh the page, I get the below error. An error occurred while executing an action of PageName.actionButton4(this is name of the button I clicked): Cannot read property 'updateDates' of undefined  I checked in the JS file of the widget and found this “updatesDates” component. Once the widget is removed, the error goes away. Any idea on how to fix this issue?  
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Hi Romil,

I Just checked the code,

And did not see the “updatesDates” , do you have the most recent version, or are you using another widget?

Cheers, Andries