Can we set two listen to widget option for two different list views in a same page ?

Hi everyone,                      I have one doubt on listen to widget feature. I have a page in which displays the event requests raised by User A. User B will approve/Reject this request. So User B dashboard displays the raised request of User A and also this dashboard displays that User B previously approved / Rejected request will be shown in a same page. So I want to use drop down filter for both raised requests by User A and User B approved / Rejected request. I have two list views in this dashboard. In first list view, which displays the raised requests of User A and the second list view displays the previously approved / rejected requests of User B. So I created to data views inside the data view I put drop down filers and gave data source type as listen to widget. when I tried to filter the first list view by using first data view listen to widget, that first list view requests filtered successfully. But when I tried to filter the second list view by using second data view listen to widget, this filters the same first list view only. It does not filter the second list view.  So I put the list views in a two different pages by using tab containers. I did the same procedure, it works fine as I expected. But I don’t want to use tab containers in my dashboard. I want to filter the list views in a single page. Is there any way to fix my problem ? If you have any idea about my problem. kindly share your ideas in the comment section.  And one more thing, Can anyone tell me, can we use two listen to widget data source for a same entity list views in a single page ?
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