List View with Drop-Down

Hello everyone, I am trying to create an app for enrollments and registration for some courses, I came to a question and that is if there is a way that helps me creating a page in which I can choose a course using a drop-drown and the enrollment list for that course appears in the list view. Thanks 
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Sounds like a good example for a start with Mendix. So you could create a wrapper object and then an association to the courses. I think you course would have at least a name and a description. So then create a page to the wrapper object and add a reference selector to your page and use the association to the course for it. Wehn you open the page, you see the drop down and you can select the course.


Hello Erfan,

You can use listview controls widget. Use dropdown filter widget in your page.In this widget we have option for filter and resultant data is applicable for which listview.By using this you can select your listview and fliter options


Hope it will works for you