How to fix EnumSelector error?

I am getting this error when using EnumSelector widget  (it appears when I select anything from the dropdown) : “An error has occurred that might have been caused by fast reload. Refresh the page to fix it.” At the same time in Mendix console I’m getting this error:   TypeError: Converting circular structure to JSON     --> starting at object with constructor 'r'     |     property '_params' -> object with constructor 'Object'     --- property 'mxform' closes the circle     at JSON.stringify (<anonymous>)     at mxui.js?637314647129939289:35     at mxui.js?637314647129939289:20     at (mxui.js?637314647129939289:20)     at mxui.js?637314647129939289:20     at new Promise (<anonymous>)     at a (mxui.js?637314647129939289:20)     at p (mxui.js?637314647129939289:35)     at mxui.js?637314647129939289:40     at mxui.js?637314647129939289:20 (anonymous) @ mxui.js?637314647129939289:73 It seems many people have the same error, how can I fix it?
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Hi Maxim,

Which widget are you referring? Are you on the latest version? Do you have a link to App Store or the source code?

I could be that there is a console.log(…..) in the code. Which can five circular references issues.

Cheers, Andries