ListView Refresh

Hi, I know this is a common questions, however I’m struggling on this since days. I’m using a list view for customer input via radio buttons  and reference selectors in a modal pop-up dialog. Due to the radio button selection, the contents of the reference selectors should change. Via Microflow and XPath I change the reference selector data (with some debug I verified this function) but I can not manage the refresh of the ListView on the client. I tried the Microflow Timer and CommunityCommons refreshClassObject method to get the changes/refresh inside the reference selector boxes – without success. The timer works… refreshClassObject doesn’t work and doesn’t show any issues inside the logs. To use a template grid instead a list view is no alternative, because the refresh must be quite faster than one second. Have I overlooked something or is it generally not possible to manage context-specific content in a list view? Best regards Bernhard  
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If the listview is nested inside other objects you should refresh the topmost object. Did you already tried that?