Calling an Entity/Attribute without a data widget/view

Hi Mx Experts,                           Quick question.. can you call an entity/attribute without using a data widget/view . for ex.. if i need to pass a attribute value to a page, can i do it just by dropping a text box and passing that variable directly to the page ( without using a data widget).    Thanks
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No.  A text box (or any widget that requires information from the database) needs to be inside of a data widget (data view, list view, etc.) 

Not sure your use case, but you may be able to use the Custom String widget – –  to retrieve and display information from the database.  It hasn’t been updated in a couple of years, so may be a bit out of date.  Also, if you use a lot of Custom String widgets on your page and the microflow they call requires a lot of processing, you may run into some page performance issues.