Displaying permanent value in a text box

Hi everyone, Is it possible to display a permanent value with the widget "Text box"? If it is possible, how do I store and display this value?
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Hi David,

When you say permanent value do you mean static placeholder text for text box? If yes than you can add static placeholder text in text box widget properties as shown in the screenshot below.


If you mean just static text then you can use Text or Label widget 

If its not the above than please let us know what do you mean by permanent value by adding more details to your question .  


Hope this helps!  


Hi Mohammed,
thanks for your response.

I want a text box widget to permanently display a value I set (before the app starts) and which is not editable while running the app. 
In the future the widget should retrieve a dataset for displaying a value.


Hi Mohammed,

i figured it out by myself.

Thanks again for your help!